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Estonia is a country where medieval meets modern, it is a country of contrasts. A large proportion of the land is designated as natural protection area. At the same time, Estonia is on the vanguard of technological development. Get acquainted with small, beautiful and interesting land!

Why to visit Estonia (Top 5)
  • Medieval old town Tallinn.
  • Estonia’s coastline has hundreds of deserted beaches.
  • Estonia is rich in beautiful islands – over 1500 Saaremaa - the largest island with an intact and well-restored medieval castle in its only city.
  • Ghosts and legends - Estonia has its fair share of spooky and supernatural happenings.
  • Saunas - when it’s snowing take a hot log sauna, beat yourself (or a friend) with a birch branch and then roll around in the snow.
Quick Facts: 
                             Capital:    Tallinn
           Official language:    Estonian
                                 Area:    45.227 km2
                      Population:    1.360.000
         National currency:    euro
Geographical situation:    Estonia is on the north-eastern edge of the
                                                European Union, bordering Russia and
                                                Latvia. Finland is a short hop across the sea
                                                –  just 80km away.
Neighboring countries:     Russian and Latvia (by land).

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