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USSR Heritage

Want to feel and survive life under the Soviet rules? The aim of this tour is to provide an opportunity for visitors  to see the naked cold, drastic and illogical Soviet ideology.



3 days / 2 nights
,,Survival drama in a soviet bunker’’ (25 kilometres away from Vilnius), 5 metres below the ground You find Yourself in the USSR.


3 days / 2 nights
On night between day 2 and day 3 can be provided the OVERNIGHT lodging in the PRISON.


3 days / 2 nights
Journey by most famous car of Soviet times - the Lada. Excursion in the Kopli peninsula and the former KGB prison at Patarei.

We give You an opportunity to become a saboteur, and experience the Soviet danger. Throughout the Cold War, the KGB became increasingly obsessed with hunting down ideological saboteurs in the Soviet Bloc. Most dissidents were sent to Soviet prisons for indefinite periods.

You will have the meetings with Russian secret police (KGB) agents, will see the Soviet monument, will express the Soviet lifestyle, will sing the Soviet songs, will eat the Soviet food, will be imprisoned by Soviet government.
For the end of the tour - shot of vodka, to settle the nerves!

Cognitive, interesting and fun summer weekend in wonderful Riga.
  • Accommodation in the 3*/4*/5* hotel.
  • Transfer in and transfer out.
  • 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners. 
  • Guided tour in Riga.
  • Evening program for saturday.
  • Guided tour to the Rundale or river trip to Jurmala by boat.
For only 179 EUR!
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